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  • Business Mentorship

    Business Mentorship

    Yep exposes you to top international mentors within the same business industry as yourself.

  • Business Shadowing

    Business Shadowing

    With YEP you have the opportunity to shadow a successful entrepreneur who will provide you with guidance.

  • over US$30million in investments

    over US$30million in investments

    Over USD 30 million was invested in various YEP businesses..Through our partnerships with various investors

  • Partnership contracts concluded

    Partnership contracts concluded

    Various businesses discovered their perfect international partners through YEP.

  • Global Mindset

    Global Mindset

    YEP gives you the opportunity to see what is beyond your boarder and exposes you to new possibilities.

  • Job Creation

    Job Creation

    More than 7000 jobs were created through YEP and the numbers are growing every year.

  • You are in charge of your destiny

    You are in charge of your destiny

    We will guide you all the way to success. Your success is our success. Join YEP today.

  • Become a YEP ambassador

    Become a YEP ambassador

    Let us be a part of your journey to success