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25 Young Entrepreneurs selected for international business mentorship YEP

25 Young Entrepreneurs selected for international business mentorship YEP

Following a call encouraging aspiring and established young South African entrepreneurs to participate on the Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP), IBA Global (Pty) Ltd and Amaanah Business Consulting, are proud to announce 25 finalists selected to participate in the programme. These young people will travel to countries (United States of America, Germany, Italy and Spain) where their identified mentors are based  in order to acquire business skills and knowledge and also learn business theory (through workshops, lectures and online training).
Running for the fourth year, YEP offers aspiring and established youth entrepreneurs a chance to absorb skills from top international entrepreneurs. The YEP programme  seeks to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship development, for social enterprises that promote employment opportunities and develops skills and knowledge which can address the rate of unemployment affecting African youth.
Emiley Vollmer, IBA Global President, indicates that the 25 youth (increased by 11 from 2012) were selected from a broad spectrum of talented young entrepreneurs from around the country. “In collaboration with the NYDA we were to identify and select those who stood out as the most deserving of a place on the mentorship programme. We have contacted them and they are all raring to get started,” said Vollmer.
Leena Shimpanda of Mono Transport is one of the 25 young people who are excited to start the programme. “I am extremely grateful for an opportunity to take part in this prestigious programme. Thank you very much for getting me a step closer to realising my goals and for believing in the dreams of every young entrepreneur who has made it this far,” says Leena.
Before travelling, the participants will undergo an introductory workshop in Cape Town on the 21 March 2013. This will be followed by an entrepreneurship course which will ensure that each participant is prepared and equipped with all the necessary information to commence their mentorship programme overseas.
“The participants will depart for the USA (New York and New Orleans), Germany (Pforzheim), Italy (Matera) and Spain (Mallorca) on 28th June 2013. The focus for the first week will be on orientation and placement and this will be followed by an intense course where each finalist will get the opportunity to spend time with an established entrepreneur in their chosen field.” says Vollmer. At the end of these their time, the finalists will return to Stheir country where they will complete entrepreneurship courses and workshops. Following this, the finalists will be deemed fit to return to their own businesses so that they can put their newly-acquired skills to the test.
Three months after the young people return home, their international mentors will visit their countries and conduct reviews to ascertain how well they have integrated their skills and experiences into the day-to-day running of their businesses. “In this way we are offering each participant a full-circle approach to bettering their businesses and ensuring that mentors further assist in making sure that the participants’ skills are adapted to their current environment and target markets.” Vollmer explained.
The fifth round of YEP’s call for entries will open in April 2013 in order to select 25 finalists who will attend the fifth mentorship programme which is scheduled to start in June/July 2014.
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