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The Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) was established in 2009 in partnership with the Northern Nevada International Center and Sierra Nevada College, through funding provided by the United States (US) Department of State. Currently a program of IBA Global in Partnership with Amaanah Business Consulting.

The aim of the programme is to seek and to grow young entrepreneurs from all walks of life and provide them with international training, International Mentorship and Job shadowing experience they need in a structured setting so that they’re better equipped to succeed in their business ventures.

The idea of the program is to travel to another country, out of your comfort zone and shadow a successful entrepreneur within the same business industry as your own.

The long term view is that entrepreneurs that have been through the YEP will create jobs within the communities they operate in and alleviate poverty in their countries.YEP also seeks to improve the economic landscape of Yep stars countries and develop great and influential leaders.

The Young Entrepreneurs Program takes place over a period of a 4 to 6 weeks in the United States of America (USA), Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

How it works is that young entrepreneurs wishing to take part in the YEP and who have viable business plans apply to become members of YEP at an annual fee of $120, they will then take part in all activities offered by the program. They take part in it by submitting an application form found on this website or at any of our local offices countrywide.

Their applications are considered against firm guidelines and candidates that meet the criteria are subsequently interviewed and short listed to be part of the group that goes oversees to take part in the mentorship and business development program. Only members of the program will be given the opportunity to travel and benefit from all of the program’s offerings. Please see the membership benefits.

On arrival in the respective countries, the entrepreneurs are paired with successful entrepreneurs in the same field or similar fields as the businesses they wish to establish, who will be their Mentors for the duration of their stay in the respective country and will provide ongoing support to the candidates when they return to their countries.

At each term 25 candidates are selected to be part of the training programme which focuses on business theory (through workshops, lectures and online training) at Sierra Nevada Collage as well as practical work experience at the hands of established and successful businessman and women. At the end of their 6 weeks Candidates receive a 9-Credit Entrepreneurship Certificate.


The Young Entrepreneurs Program helps provide aspiring African entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to start and/or successfully run a small business in their countries. New entrepreneurs gather and exchange knowledge and business ideas with an experienced entrepreneur, with whom they stay and collaborate for a period of 6 weeks. Entrepreneurs pay a minimum a membership fee of R1200/$120  to participate in the program.

As a new entrepreneur, you will benefit from on-the-job training in a successful enterprise elsewhere in the US and Europe. This will ease the successful start of your business or strengthen your new enterprise. You can also benefit from access to new markets, international cooperation and potential possibilities for collaboration with business partners abroad.

As a host entrepreneur, you can benefit from fresh ideas from a motivated new entrepreneur on your business. He may have specialised skills or knowledge in an area you do not master, which could also complement yours. Most host entrepreneurs enjoyed the experience so much that they decide to host other new entrepreneurs afterwards.

It is really a win-win collaboration whereby both of you can also discover new African/ USA/European markets or business partners, different ways of doing business.

On the longer-term, you will benefit from wide networking opportunities, and, possibly, decide to continue your collaboration, possibly as long-term business partners (e.g. joint ventures, sub-contracting activities, contractor-supplier relationships, etc).

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