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IBA Global is a Global trade Company that promotes the growth and enhancement of trade globally by providing leadership and support to individuals, institutions and company’s engaged or interested in global trade



Sierra Nevada College

Sierra Nevada College is proudly, unabashedly a liberal arts college. What, exactly, does that mean?
Our definition of a liberal arts education is that it is not only a study of academic disciplines but also a mode of instruction that emphasizes applying knowledge and skills learned in one context to new contexts, and on employing interpersonal skills like teamwork, courage, creativity and judgment to solve complex, interrelated problems. At Sierra Nevada College, we take it a step further: We believe that a liberal arts education is the best way to prepare not just for your work, but for your entire life.


Sviluppo Basilicata

Sviluppo Basilicata SpA operates as regional financial company for the development, research and competitiveness of Basilicata territory.
To achieve these goals the company:
contributes to the implementation of regional and local programs for economic, social and economic development within Regional planning,
undertakes instrumental activities within Basilicata region functions related to finance and services.
In particular:
it carries out financial activities to support economic development in the region
it provides technical assistance to the Region and other government agencies which directly or indirectly contribute to the development of economic initiatives in the Region
it promotes and strengthens economic initiatives aimed at the development of regional economy, with special reference to small and medium enterprises
it promotes, also collaborating with local entities, initiatives affecting the achievement of the main objectives of regional and territorial planning documents


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Business networking is all about making connections, collaborating and affiliating with other organisations, to your mutual benefit. Collaborations are the lifeblood of Amaanah Business Consulting. As an entrepreneur, business opportunities may appear to be out of your reach initially. However, credibility and reliability may be achieved through judicious collaborations. There is an art to business networking and it is an easily learned skill. Contact Amaanah BC for advice and/or training.


ABC Funding- Crowd funding for your project or idea

African Business crowd funding(ABC Funding) is a solution that empowers ideas and enables people to donate funds easily. A lack of funding has been the reason a lot of extraordinary ideas have crushed before they could be realized. Our Platform is here to fix the funding process and assist people across the African continent accomplish extraordinary things. We are a welcoming, supportive Village that embraces collaboration, and authenticity. You provide us with the passion, we’ll provide a platform and support to help you promote your campaign and raise funds quickly, easily and securely.


Open Gap, your opportunity platform

Open Gap is a platform that allows users access to all opportunities such as funding, scholarships, jobs, shadowing, internship, entrepreneurship, events, conferences and many others.
We will connect you to perfect opportunities across the globe. Our aim is to disseminate information relating to opportunities that would ideally be in the interest of especially the youth and other individuals who fit the criteria and are looking to enhance their skills and or their communities.
We are the right hub for you if you are looking for an opportunity to enhance and change your life.
We feature success stories on our sister website
Open Gap is part of the IBA Global.



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