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Benefits of Doing Business in Africa

Cape Town

The mention of Africa conjures images of impressive wildlife, diverse habitats and safaris, but also images of deprivation and inequality. Yet despite its current status as home to the world’s most underdeveloped countries, the past few years have seen a remarkable change in tide for the continent. According to the Economist Africa’s annual output grew 4.9% faster than the global ... Read More »

Becoming an Internationalist – Developing Cross Cultural Awareness

According to BBC World News, internationalists are a cosmopolitan group of global citizens with an international outlook and a deep cross cultural awareness. Internationalists tend to be very successful in business, largely due to their global understanding of the world and cross-cultural leadership skills. To give you a better idea of what an internationalist might look like let’s take a ... Read More »

The Importance of a Global Mindset for Success Overseas

In the current worldwide economic situation, being culturally aware and interculturally competent is a must for success in this highly competitive international market. Successful business people from all over the world are competing for top positions in international organisations. Being business savvy and having a good track record at home is no longer enough to secure the best roles in ... Read More »

Global Leadership: What Makes the Perfect Leader?

Many anthropologists and intercultural specialists have developed cross-cultural comparative models showing the main cultural differences between cultures. Their contributions as well as those of many other interculturalists such as Edward T. Hall are recognised as foundation models in the field of intercultural communication. Although comprehensive, most of the work in the field to date is comparative, country-specific and focuses on ... Read More »

International Assignees – Expected trends in 2020?

A recent report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers gives us a glimpse of the state of international assignments in the year 2020. This comprehensive report shows new trends, challenges and opportunities of international assignments in the years to come, from the use of new technology to remuneration policies and from the new type of assignees to connections between states and companies. Here ... Read More »