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YEP Peer to Peer Meetings

What would you give for a personal board of advisors or access to likeminded entrepreneurs and networks, all of whom can offer your direction based on their first-hand experiences? This invaluable access is available through our Forum, a unique, member-driven experience that brings together a group of top entrepreneurs for peer-to-peer learning, networking and support.

Every month, Forum members take part in growth-oriented meetings, employing special protocols to support a trusting environment in which they can safely explore business and personal issues. As the number-one benefit of membership in the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP), the entrepreneur forum plays a large role in the YEP experience. The Forum is also an online social media tool in which members get an opportunity to chat to one another, network and ask for support.

To learn more about these entrepreneurial Forums, or how you can join one as a member of YEP, Click here

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