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Becoming an Internationalist – Developing Cross Cultural Awareness

According to BBC World News, internationalists are a cosmopolitan group of global citizens with an international outlook and a deep cross cultural awareness. Internationalists tend to be very successful in business, largely due to their global understanding of the world and cross-cultural leadership skills.
To give you a better idea of what an internationalist might look like let’s take a look at Emiley.

Emiley was born in Zambia, raised in Russia and studied in Germany and Spain. At the age of 30, Emiley speaks English, French , German, Russian and Spanish fluently. Emiley has an important role as a CEO in an international company and spends a lot of time traveling around the world for business and leisure. Emiley’s exposure and familiarity with many different cultures has helped her to develop a high level of cross cultural awareness which helps her do business successfully around the world.
When she travels, Emiley values experiencing and discovering different values and traditions. She shows enormous respect towards the new cultures she visits and always tries to understand and appreciate the local rites rather than impose her own culture and vision of the world. Emiley actively seeks dialogue with locals and is not afraid to experience local food and customs. Keen to learn and adapt to as many situations as she can, Emiley has a truly global mindset. In other words, Emiley is acutely aware of global issues and how geopolitical and cultural forces impact international business.
Emiley is an important decision maker and has developed strong cross-cultural negotiation and influencing skills through her various experiences where she has brilliantly succeeded. Indeed, her global state of mind helps her to value diversity and seek people from different cultures and backgrounds rather than people similar to herself.
Emiley is an early adopter and always tries to have the latest technology that help her to stay connected to the world. Emiley’s smartphone, iPad and laptop all help her to actively follow international media. Through reading news magazines and newspapers, watching news channels in hotel rooms and in-flight entertainment on planes such as CNN International and BBC World News, Emiley stays up-to-date with the latest happenings in the global arena.
Emiley and her husband Frank are working hard to ensure that their children develop a similar global mindset and awareness and openness to different cultures by speaking to them in different languages and taking them on trips around the world.

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